The Ultimate Mama Village Retreat

A strong woman looks a challange in the eye and give it a wink – Gina Carey

Come and join us for this ultimate sensorial experience in the core of the Swedish Lapland, where you will be part of the mama village retreat.

Give yourself the treat of 4 days of intensive pampering, love and mama care.

Where: Lapland – Dränglängan Natur Väg 239 – 957 94 Övertorneå – Svanstein – Sweden

When: July 16th – 19th, 2020

Price: 6500 sek

Carmela Fleury & Rebeca Suup, the facilitators, deeply believe that mamas together can only get better.

The Retreat Includes:

· 1 Dar’shana Meditation · 1 Visionboard-making session 
· 2 facilitators that cannot wait to pamper YOU
· 3 nights shared accommodation
· 4 minimum visits to the sauna 
· 5 new tools/fresh perspectives to help you continue to define motherhood and balance on your own terms 
· 6 litres of possibly worlds bestest and freshers water to drink
· 7 hours total of movement and yin yoga · 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night 
· 9 delicious, nourishing, healthy buffet-style meals 
· 10+ hours of workshops over four days designed to give you all the feel good mental and physical stretches 
· Unlimited giggles, deep conversations, and meaningful connections with other multi-dimensional Mamas 
· Daily Me Time
· & Gifts & optional a la carte massage * and other traditional Lapland experiences … * if interested in getting a massage by hokuspokus old village lady called AnnaLisa, please let us know in advance

Envision the beauty

The retreat does not include flight ticket or travelling costs.

Getting There….

The nearest airport to Dränglängan is Luleå. You can fly from all over Europe to that airport with SAS airline From Luleå airport, the best and fastest option is renting a car.

From Luleå to the venue by car takes only 2h & 30 min, following the E4, then route 356, drive then on E10, follow afterwards the 98 & 99 route, and there you go, before your eyes, there you will find us!

The dense forests of Svanstein mountains, are a fantastic place to encounter the very best of Sweden’s wildlife. Other than enjoying its abundant flaura and lush beds of moss, the magnificent ”king of the Swedish forest”, moose – otherwise known as elk – can be seen here in its natural habitat. As well as the beaver, wolves, bears, lynx, owls and many more spirit animals in the flesh. 

Back side of our sleeping cottage Pikku Nikku

About your hostesses

Carmela Fleuryis a Wayfinder Master Coach, a Certified Holistic Health Coach, a Yin Yoga teacher (studying towards the Insight Yoga Certification with Sarah Powers), and the Village Crazy Mama. She is passionate about raising happy and healthy mamas and currently leads “Raising Happy & Healthy Mamas” retreats worldwide. This, along with avoiding doing laundry, has been her specialty since 2011.

Rebeca Suupis a newly diplomated Coach, founder of The Mentalphore, and former banker, that co-facilitates mama retreats in Sweden. She is a free spirit, inspired soul and the brain behind this wonderful experience! She loves to cook, learn new languages, and has a very strong creative and artistic side. With 3 small children below 10 years old, she not always has her “shit together”, however she is convinced that finding self balance and me time first is key to foster trust, love and connection with your little ones. Trying her best everyday also since 2011.

Booking your spot

Please for registration or further details please contact Rebeca Suup

We welcome you with all our heart and would love to see you there!

Everything that is or was started with a Dream – Lava Girl

We love short crazies but,… Come solo, you deserve it!

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