Workshop – S T O P – Mama Stress

The Butterfly effect!

A small change can result in large differences in a later state

How would you define stress? How would you define mama stress? Have you identified your triggers? What is that makes you stressed? Do you recognised the stress signals in your body? How do you react? Do you manage your own tantrums? Your partner, is he “water” or “fire” to your stress level? Do you have the support you need? What would you need to feel better?

Studies show that in Sweden 61% of women feel more stressed after having babies, and an alarming 43% of them feel more stressed or worried permanently, while 27% of them feel more worried about their health.

Most of us tackle the health issues at first, however, while we focus on the body, we forget that our mind has changed too.

During 1 hour & 30 minutes we will define you own and personal stress curve, give it a form; how does it looks like, what triggers you, how do you react to it, what/how do you feel, and will give you simple and easy techniques to apply when your stress level raises.

When: currently organised 1-1

Where: via Zoom from my living room to the cosiest corner in your home

What to bring: Colourful markers, a pen/pencil, block to write, confortable clothing, a big smile and good mood.

Price: 250 sek p.p

Contact us if interested

Contact: Rebeca Suup, Stockholm – 0733345581

Love yourself! Handle the chaos. Your loved ones deserve more!

Is not the aim of this workshop to tackle depression, although there is 49% of us that has been/felt depressed during the first 5 years after maternity. If you feel too low or your thoughts are not as clear as they should, please seek medical care, and talk to your nurse or practitioner. Post Partum Depression is a serious condition and can take years to reverse its effects.

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