In Cooperation with …..

Sara Martínez

Sara – is medium by birth. Experienced therapist, focuses mainly in Regressive Therapy & Akashic Records, having additonally masterships in Reiki & Shamballa healing (New Paradigm MDT). Sara holds a diploma on herbo-dietetics, curative & medicinal plants, as well as Bach Flowers. She heals using therapy with Tibetan bowls, or Hebrew Pendulum. Practices connexion with the bio-energetic camp and uses energetic cleanings, numerology and auriculopuncture as part of her daily praxis. Sara is Moon Mother Level 3 by Miranda Gray, guardian of the womb and the earth, authorized to give Womb blessings & Womb healings to women, as well as The Gift to men.Currently studying towards the wisdom of Munay Ki, ELT (Emotional Liberation Technique), and women’s circle facilitator. Sara leads “MisticAnanda” and dreams of becoming a Doula.

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