Help your Child to Unwind

From Stress to Calm, From Anxiety to Mindfulness

Detox : Unplug & Teach them to Breath

Our children learn at an early age that life is a rush. We start already in the early morning with the chronometre in our hands. Late evening, to “unplug” we plug ourselves to social media, tablets, netflix or similars, without giving our bodies the time they need to really work with the amount of feelings, emotions and behaviours that overwhelmed us during the day. We forget to drink, pee & breath.

Now, imagine, you are a child.

Want to learn more about children’s mindfulness? Want to know more about what to do to help them to really unplug? Want to learn balance? Want to teach them about feelings, emotions & behaviours in a friendly way? Want to learn breathing techniques? Want to help them to self-regulate?

Come & Join us!

When: Currently teaching in daycare or 1-1

Where: As we agree, physical or via Zoom

Price: 250 sek

What to Bring: Confortable clothing, pen & paper, your child*!

* if your child is 4-12 years old and willing to participate, bring him. We will practice some easy techniques and will benefit from their experiences if they want to share! let us know if you bring him when enrolling.

Booking & Questions :

Tomorrow, they will remember you for what you did Today

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