Retreat Yourself

Switch off

Retreat hell! If you are not retreating you are advancing in the wrong direction! – Col Steve Corbett

Come and join us in the core of the Swedish Lapland, where you will be part of an incredible mind, body & soul experience.

Give yourself the treat of 4 days of intensive pampering, love & care.

Where: Lapland – Dränglängan Natur Väg 239 – 957 94 Övertorneå – Svanstein – Sweden

When: 18th-21st April , 2021

Price: 6500 sek

The Retreat Includes:

· 1 Dar’shana Meditation · 1 Visionboard-making time
· 2 Mindfulness sessions
· 3 nights shared accommodation
· 4 minimum visits to the sauna 
· 5 new strategies to help you to balance
· 6 litres of worlds bestest water
· 7 hours total of feel good movement · 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night 
· 9 delicious home cooked meals 
· 10+ hours of workshops, designed to change you from within
· Unlimited giggles, deep conversations, and meaningful connections with other multi-dimensional women 
· Daily Me Time
· & Gifts & optional a la carte massage * and other traditional Lapland experiences … * if interested in getting a massage by old village lady, please let us know in advance

Nowhere can man find a quieter or more untroubled retreat than in his own soul Marcus Aurelius

The retreat does not include flight ticket or travelling costs.

Getting There….

The nearest airport to Dränglängan, Svanstein is Luleå. You can fly from all over Europe to that airport with SAS. From the airport, the best and fastest option is renting a car.

From Luleå to the venue by car takes only 2h & 30 min, follow directions and there you will find us!

The forest

The dense forests of Svanstein mountains, are a fantastic place to encounter the very best of Sweden’s wildlife, and fantastic scenery to find the balance between body and mind. The view, the air & the sun, will give you a taste of freedom.

About your host

Rebeca Suupis a Certified Strategic Life & Relationship Coach (ICF accredited), Mindfulness teacher (CTAA accredited) & founder of The Mentalphore. She is a free spirit, and an inspired soul. In another life she was a banker. Rebeca loves to cook, learn new languages, and has a very strong creative and artistic side. With 3 small children below 10 years old, she not always has her “shit together”, however she is convinced that finding self balance and me time first is key to foster trust, love and connection with your little ones. Trying her best everyday since 2011.

Booking your spot

Please for registration or further details please contact: Beca

The world needs strong women. Women who will lift and build others, who will love and be loved. Women who live bravely, both tender and fierce. Women of indomitable will – Amy Tenney

Come solo, you deserve it!

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