Happy Easter !

Kindness ; it cost nothing and means everything

Dear friends, followers & readers,

I know you know that it has been a while since I last organised and event.

My focus during the last months have been my studies in Psychology and I did accept a very few clients to work mostly 1-1.

Covid-19 has not been so kind to us, to many, and I opted for stay safe and reduce my business activities, I do still support the people in need via Zoom.

It is my plan to continue do so….. but for now, I focus my energy and commitment to my family that deserves the best of me, and my studies.

Please do reach out if you need coaching, mindfulness sessions or a Dar’shana on 1-1 basis via Zoom, I will be, additionally, offering some sessions this spring after Easter.

Meawhile wishing you all Happy Easter!

Stay balanced, Beca

We rise by lifting others

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