Mindfulness Hour

45 minutes dedicated to find your own mantra. Your own Sankalpa. Your own, deep, heartfelt intention. Your focus of growth.

Sankalpa (Sanskrit: संकल्प) means conception or idea or notion formed in the heart or mind, solemn vow or determination to perform, desire, definite intention, volition or will.

We will transport our presence inwards, to fully connect to our inner self and just listen. Listen what we need to hear, to became aware and make it relevant. That intention of change will be our Sankalpa, our own and unique mantra.

Want to experiment with us? Join!

When: 28th May, 2021 at 11:3o – 12:3o CET

Where: via Zoom

Price: 150 sek p.p. via PayPal

What to bring: Confortable clothing

Contact & Bookings : Beca Suup, thementalphore@gmail.com

A sankalpa should honour the deeper meaning of our life. A sankalpa speaks to the larger arc of our lives, our dharma – our overriding purpose for being here – Rod Stryker

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