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Has anyone told you today how awesome you are?

Are you struggling as a new mama?

Juggling baby, job, stress, life ? No time for yourself?

Are your kids growing & you feel you are loosing connection?

Are your kids “differently wired”?

Are you a mama at heart? * Call prior enrolling, we have something special for you.

Are you experiencing lost identity, need for self connection, and mental self balance?

The Mentalphore would love to hear from you! Act now! Book time for yourself!

Check our services below, our news page or schedule a 30 minutes free call to assess your personal needs!


“You have always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself” -Glinda- The Wizard of Oz

Book a 1-1 coached session to empower yourself and creatively find the path to achieving your dreams!


& the 12 Laws of Karma.

Interconnecting Meditation, Breathing & Yoga you will create your own road map to a balanced self. The 12 Laws of Karma will inspire your soul!


We co-facilitate mama retreats in Sweden. Check out News, or contact us for information!


Pracitice presence. Be here and now!


Visualize Visualize Visualize

Visualization is a powerful tool for everyone’s mental projection.

Make your hyperphantasia so clear that your fears become irrelevant!


. STOP mama stress

. Balance Work, Family & ME Time

. Anchor yourself

. STOP mama guilt

. Anger Management

. Trusting your Intuition

. Will your relationship last?

. Help your child to unwind

Motherhood is your greatest adventure

Motherhood brings same amount of joy as it does of chaos. Your baby, your toddler, your child, your teenager, your adult child, all the stages require a different you, and you deserve to be at your best, to foster real connection, love and trust.

At The Mentalphore, we believe that mamas together can only get better. Create space to mental balance yourself. Join us to be the best bad-ass mama your children deserve, and owe to have.

Questions? Schedule a 30 minutes call, is free!

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